For crying out loud walk your dog!

I live in a townhouse complex and several times a week I see dog owners, those living on the second floor just getting down the stairs, those on the first …

Quote from Rilke

The big question: get insurance or not?

The importance of stitching in a dog bed

Buying a dog bed would appear simple to most of us.  After all it’s not very complicated, look for something that seems comfortable, doesn’t look too bad in the house …

Often forgotten: car safety for your pooch and you

The importance of a good leash

It rains a lot in Vancouver

The vet and common sense

When you realize that you have to take your pooch to the vet, it’s not only the pooch that wants to hide under chairs, very often the master wants to …

Allergies Allergies

A few lifehacks for dog owners

It’s surprising, I searched Internet for different lifehacks for dog owners and if you do the same you’ll realize that all the links you will find refer to 2 or …

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Various news from the pooch world