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Hi! My name is Lego and I know I look real cute now but you should have seen me when my new masters picked me up from the shelters!
My ears were infected, my eyes were infected and I was scratching all over like a machine. I was sooo itchy I was going crazy and from the looks of it so were my masters.
My masters are no vets so they took me there. At first I was scared because the vet at the shelter, the first one I’ve ever seen in my life, was pretty rough, pushing me here, shoving me there, poking needles in me. No didn’t like him at all.
This new vet was a lady but I was still scared, what with the smell and the white coat. In fact I was so scared that I growled a lot and tried to bite the vet. So now we were both scared.
Being so worried I didn’t pay much attention to what was said but I gathered that dogs that are allergic react to the most common elements found in dog food: chicken, beef, pork and any other animal related to those such as duck, buffalo, etc.
That didn’t make matters easier. The vet gave me a medication called Apoquel that according to my masters costs a fortune. That helped a bit but I was still scratching like there was no tommorow.
Long story short, it took my masters about 6 months to figure out that the best food for me was fish based and most treats they now give me are either fish based or venison.
Every time they tried something new such as kangaroo (EWWW) which apparently most dogs refuse to eat and I understand them, they kept me on it for a couple of weeks because sometimes my body reacts slowly to new food.
They cut down the Apoquel from twice a day to twice a week (Wed and Sat) and since then I’m doing pretty good!
I don’t scratch more than a normal dog. Oh yeah, forgot to say that I get a bath every 2 weeks. Because I’m a big dog (74 lbs) washing me at home (a small condo) is a problem but they found a pet store where they have facilities to wash dogs. They pay around $10 and wash me themselves.
So I guess for an allergic dog the moral of the story is:
1 – Find food that I’m not allergic to.
2 – Get a bath at least every 2 weeks.
3 – Take Apoquel in moderation.
4 – Treats must also be made with something I’m not allergic to.

So hopefully if you’re allergic too, your masters can read this article and get some ideas on how to make you feel better soon!

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