It rains a lot in Vancouver

And when my dog, Lego, gets wet, it’s a lot of wiping to do when we get back home (he’s the size of a small german shepherd).
That means at least 3 times a day, when we get back I have to towel him off, which takes a lot of rubbing and my back kills me.
Plus he doesn’t seem to enjoy getting wet like my lab used to.
Although I usually find that having dogs wear stuff is somewhat ridiculous I found out that sometimes it is useful.  That’s why I got him a raincoat.
Now are you ready for this?  Here we go:

Nice eh? He looks like a big candy!
In my humble opinion he looks totally ridiculous in that thing BUT it works, and it works well. It covers most of his body, even part of his tummy, doesn’t seem to bother him.
Very important as well, it’s super easy to put on and fasten with Velcro strips and stays on.

As you can see there are 2 places to fasten, at the neck and under the tummy. Just slap the thing on his back, fasten the neck and the tummy and you’re good to go! No more heavy towelling!
Not a fashion statement I agree (don’t know what the person who conceived this pattern smoked that day) but does the job.
Again not getting paid for this but if you want to know the brand is: RC Pets, that’s all the label says.

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