The importance of a good leash

It’s something most dog owners use every day, if only to get him in the car that’s going to take him to a beautiful park for a nice walk.

Most professionals will tell you that a retractable leash is to be avoided if possible and there are reasons why.

  1. Those leashes can break easily.  Especially if you let the dog run to the end of the leash and the whole weight of the beast suddenly pulls on the attachment to the spool.
  2. The leash can easily get entangles around your own legs or around the legs of someone else.  This is particularly bad if we’re talking about children.
  3. Rope burn.  Most new users of a retractable leash will go ahead and grab the leash itself instead of the handle if the dog tries to suddenly run off where you don’t want him to go.  And it’s bad, really hurts.  I know because I grabbed the leash once.  Only once!

Nevertheless that’s what I’ve been using for the last 20 years with all my dogs.  I pay attention to never letting him run to the end of the leash, I block it before it gets there, I make sure the leash doesn’t get entangled around anyone’s legs and as said rope burn you get only once.

So despite what the professionals say, I find that a good retractable leash (quality is important here, don’t hesitate to pay a little more) gives me and my dog just the right amount of freedom while keeping control.  And for that long I haven’t had any serious incidents with them and the one brand I buy lasts me anywhere from 4 to 6 years in the rain, the snow and the sand.