Often forgotten: car safety for your pooch and you

When you take your dog in your car you tend to forget that in case of an accident it’s not only his safety that’s at risk but also yours.  If your car hits an object and 30 mph, your companion, depending of his size of course, becomes a projectile that from what I read somewhere can approach 1 ton.

If that kind of weight hits you in the back you’re going to suffer.

That’s why when we got Lego I started looking into safety harnesses.  And turns out it’s a complicated business.  If you want to have an idea go to this page from the Center for Pet Safety and you’ll have a better idea.

The short of it is that not many brands are really safe.  From my research only 2 made the finals, the best one apparently being Sleepypod Clickit with Allsafe coming a second close.

Clickit was not a choice for me as it requires a child seat anchors and my car model and year doesn’t have them.  And also, to tell you the truth the harness might be safe but the dog is expected to sit still as a person would do which in my humble opinion is nor realistic or very enjoyable for the dog.

I went for the second choice, the Allsafe.

It’s German engineering at it’s best, bulky and not very user friendly.  Every time we’re going for a ride I have to insert the straps on both side and thread them through both slots of the buckle.  Not a big deal once you’re used to it but still not just click and go that’s for sure.

And I have to admit that even if contrary to the company’s claims the tether makes it less safe it does give the dog a little wiggle room in the car.  Which of course is why it’s not so safe to use it.  But to tell you the truth I tried without the tether and the result is that poor Lego is basically nailed to the seat and cannot move at all.  I don’t know, maybe I’ll try a few shorts trips without it to see.

But in any case I hope that the harness will at least prevent him from being projected out of the car should we get involved in a crash.

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