A few lifehacks for dog owners

It’s surprising, I searched Internet for different lifehacks for dog owners and if you do the same you’ll realize that all the links you will find refer to 2 or 3 pages that have been reproduced on various websites.

There are of course many lifehacks (I would say roughly one hundred) but first, most of them I either knew already and/or were not very useful, and then oddly enough the very limited amount of hacks you can find is actually very limited.  So much so that I’m thinking of creating a section just for that, hoping that my readers will help me by contributing some of their own.

In the meantime here are the one I found and that I believe can be useful.

1- First if you loose your dog. 

Never had to try it myself so don’t know if it’s really useful but it does make sense and if the dog is lost any suggestion is welcome.  So here goes:

2 – Use flour or cornstarch to make blood clot faster.

This happened to my clipping my dog’s nails a few times and I wish I had known that one before:

I’m not a manual person and DIY stuff and the like is not for me.  The same goes for clipping my friend’s nails and once or twice I cut too close and you all know what happens in cases like this: blood all over the place.

The trick (again never had the bad luck of having to try it being now very cautious) is to use flour or cornstarch to make the blood clot faster.  And this doesn’t come from me but from a vet.  Here’s the original link.

3 – Use an old pair of pants with large pockets to cool your dog in hot weather.

Depending on how hot or tolerant your dog is, you can either wet the whole pant with cold water and/or add ice cubes in the pockets to make it last longer.

This one I’ve tried and while for the first few minutes my lab didn’t know what to do with this thing and had some trouble lying down with the ice cubes causing bumps, she soon found a relatively comfortable position and didn’t pant as hard for a good while.

4 – Add a collar to a retractable leash to free your hands.

If like me you’ve been stuck holding the leash with the dog pulling because he’s seen another dog while trying to open or close a door or pick up groceries, you’ll appreciate this one.  Just slip the collar around your arm and you’re in business, hands free and dog secured!

5 – Don’t put your dog’s name on his collar tag

This one is not really a hack but more a precautionary measure.  You would be surprised at the number of dogs that get stolen to be sold to other people or worst even to labs.  Letting potential thieves know the name of your pet just makes it so much easier for them to succeed.  So instead of his name put your phone number so if he gets lots people can reach you.

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