How my name changed when I was 3

It was the postwoman, she changed my life. 

Before she called the city Animal Services to come pick me up, I was living from house to house on the street where she delivered mail.  After a year of seeing me roam the street she decided enough was enough and called.  Back then my name was Blackoe, you guessed it I’m mostly black.  This is what I looked like when my new master picked me up:

As you can see I was looking pretty miserable.  My ribs were showing, my ears and my eyes were infected and I was scratching like a machine gone mad and I was scared of pretty much everything and everyone.

The first thing my new masters did was change my name,

and although it took me a few days to get used to it I have to admit I prefer the new one, sounds much better and is more Joyful.  So my new name is Lego.  Yes I know you’re thinking of the building block for children but apparently that’s not what my master was thinking when he came up with the name.

First he thought that the new name needed to end in “o” so I was not too disoriented with the new one.  Then he told me that I was so lean that I looked pretty much like a stick on 4 long legs.  In other words I was mostly legs.  Hence the name: legs with an “o” at the end.  One thing I can tell you is that most people remember my name right away from the first time they hear it.  And children love it too as it reminds them of something fun!

Anyway with medication my masters took care of my infections pretty quickly, they were gone within a month.

My allergies were another story. 

After consulting the vet, they found out that usually allergic dogs react to the most common elements in dog food: chicken, beef and pork.  So they tried different things like kangaroo (disgusting), duck (very good but allergic) and many other.  Each time they had to stick with that diet for a few weeks because my system takes time reacting.  Anyway to make a long story short, we finally found out that fish is fine, I like it and am not allergic.  It took about 8 months for the whole process and now I’m almost never scratching! (see Allergies Allergies)

Now I’m much better, walk in parks at least 3 hours per day, sometimes more in the weekend, play with friends (specially mornings I play with my border collie girlfriend).  For the moment life is good!  Look at me now:

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