The importance of stitching in a dog bed

Buying a dog bed

would appear simple to most of us.  After all it’s not very complicated, look for something that seems comfortable, doesn’t look too bad in the house and is not going to make a huge hole in your wallet.

As most endeavors turn out to be it is not so simple.  Here are the qualities you need to look for:

  • Washable: your dog will often come back home with wet paws, if not muddy, probably eat stuff in there too, so beds tend to become a bacteria heaven pretty quickly and you’ll soon need to get it clean again.
  • Free of any metal, wood or plastic components as these can be dangerous to your dog, especially if he likes to munch on things.
  • Size, of course.  Make sure that your friend can fully stretch in there, otherwise he might not find the bed so useful for him,
  • Filling: avoid foam fillings at all costs.  The problem with foam is deformation.  Cheap foam will be reduced to the thickness of a paper sheet in no time, more expensive foam will keep the shape of his body in the position he uses more often and become quite uncomfortable in all other positions.
  • Stitchings: I cannot emphasize the enough importance of stitching.  It keeps the filling from moving all to one side or the other not only during daily use but most importantly during washing.  If the bed has a cushion without stitching, the first time you wash it all the filling is going to end up at one end of the cushion.  And of course I’m not referring to stitching all around the cushion but several stitches in the middle of it

  • No skid bottom is also nice to have if you can find it with all the already mentioned points as many dogs tend to jump in their bed and without no skid the bed ends up in the middle of the bedroom or living room.  I mention it knowing it’s not easy to find.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m against crates which I think are cruel and to the dog can only represent punishment. 

So the dog bed is not only for his comfort, it is also, for all the dogs I’ve had, the place where he feels safe and at home, the dog bed and not a crate.  I remember that the first time Lego (then named Blackoe) entered our home the first place he went to was the dog bed we had already bought before bringing him home.  And usually when he comes back home from a walk he always first lies in his bed if only for a few seconds, just it seems to make sure that his safe place is still there waiting for him.

For all my dogs the bed has played a central role in their life and before buying a new one I try to make sure it’s going to be comfortable for him and practical for us.  Not always easy as most beds in pet shops are made of usually cheap foam or cushions filled with flimsy material that compacts in a few hours and bunch up on one side of the bed.

So before buying your next dog bed, give it some thought and make an extra effort to find the right one, you’ll be happy you did.

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