For crying out loud walk your dog!

I live in a townhouse complex and several times a week I see dog owners, those living on the second floor just getting down the stairs, those on the first just getting at their doorstep and just standing there, a few feet from their door, their dog, big or small, from chihuahua to german shepherd, on a short leash having to do it’s business right there, a mere 10 feet from the door of their unit.

To me this is incredible, do these people realize at all that dogs, big or small, need to WALK, walk a lot?

Not only do they need the exercise but also they need to “read the newspaper”.  This is what I call all the sniffing and nosing around they keep doing when they go out.  What is true of humans is also true for dogs, they need to stay in touch with the world out there, they need to meet other dogs, other people, sniff out the scents left over by dogs that have gone by there, squirrels, raccoons, cats and what have you.

I know a woman who had 2 labs that she was keeping in the back yard.  The yard was of good dimensions, about 200×400 feet and the dogs had plenty of space to run around and play but they kept digging holes in the yard and damaging the wooden fence.  She replaced it with a metal one and they started digging under the fence.

She decide another tactic was called for and decided to take them for regular walks.  Got up at 5 in the morning for a 1 1/2 hour walk, took them back walking after work for another 2 hours.  The results spoke for themselves.  Not only was she in much better shape after a few months, but from the day she took them on walks they stopped digging.

So people if you own a dog, take them out at least 2 hours per day.  The dog is going to feel much better and so are you.

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